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Gemc allows you to get a much better compression rate out of CD image files
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Gemc allows you to achieve a much better compression rate out of CD image files. It supports all known CD image file formats, such as BIN, CDI, NRG, and CCD. The program generates a new file with the ECM extension that you can then compress using your favorite compression tool. This file will give a better compression rate than the original image file, making it much easier to port and to send over the Internet.

The program's main interface acts as a main menu. However, its visual design is a bit poor and hard to decipher. Besides, the program itself does not include any help files or documentation, so that you will need to read the information on the developer's Web site to have an idea of how it works. It basically offers you two options: "ecm file" and "unecm file". The former allows you to select a CD image to create an ECM file out of it, while the latter performs exactly the reverse operation. This means that you will have to run Gemc also on the target PC to recover your original CD image file. Do not forget that this ECM file has to be compressed manually using a third-party tool.

The program also allows you to open a file directly (i.e., without choosing an action first). It can be either an ECM file or a CD image file - the program will recognize it and will perform the right action accordingly. Moreover, you can also create an association between the ECM file extension and Gemc. To sum up, Gemc is a small and practical tool that will be of great help whenever you need to port big CD image files.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports all known CD image formats
  • Allows you to open any image or ECM file, and the program will act accordingly
  • Allows you to associate the ECM file extension with the program


  • Poor visual design
  • Does not include any help files or documentation
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